Nova Zef is a New York born Master of Ceremony, song writer and recording artist. With a mix of poetic Rap flavor and powerful feminine flare, Nova will take you there. Her sound is multicolored. Though she bends genres, her flow is rooted in Hip Hop, Electronic and Bass music.  


You have seen her play at Lightning In a Bottle, Electric Forest Festival, The Bowery Ballroom, Elsewhere, as well as MC'ng with some of the hottest DJ's in the world. You have heard her voice on BBC Radio and DJ sets by Diplo, Anna Lunoe and Nina Las Vegas to name a few. 


 Nova is the lead vocalist and a creative mind in Pendulum People: a music and performance group, dedicated to bringing innovation to the music industry. Whether she is spitting spells, creative directing music videos, collaborating with her team Pendulum People, making hats or hustling NYC - Nova seeks to reach all generations, including the next.


Nova Zef uses her voice to promote gender equality in the current political climate. As a social activist, Nova wishes to inspire oppressed women by giving them a taste of how it feels to embrace true self and show that being a confident strong woman is something to be proud of. 

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